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KXNG CROOKED – Take The Pain Away

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KXNG CROOKED Take The Pain Away Mp3 Download

Take The Pain Away Mp3 Download: KXNG Crooked has been hosting a Hip-Hop Weekly series , which sees him drop a single every week leading up to his project release. The Long Beach lyricist in now in the tenth week of the series. This time, Crook has used the opportunity to bare his soul on wax, using an oft-cited 2Pac instrumental as his chosen backdrop. On “Take The Pain Away,” Crook opens things up with a rare display of the vocal chops, reflecting on the age-old idiom of “misery loves company”.

“Nightmares in my sleep painting a grim picture,” he raps, in the harrowing opening stanzas. “I see the n**a that murdered my mama’s twin sister, I see the cancer that gave my uncle a slim figure.” Crook continues down that road, opening up about his own battles with alcohol, his childhood struggles, and more. “I tried to normalize all the shit I did, as if stealing dinner is normal for a little kid,” raps Crooked, before reaching for the hollow friendship of a Jamie bottle. Check out Crook’s self-styled “therapy session” here, and sound off below. 


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