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Lil Reese Ft. Lil Zay Osama – Sacrifices

26 Mar No Comments

Download Lil Reese Ft Lil Zay Osama Sacrifices Mp3

Download and listen to this new mp3 song “Sacrifices” released earlier by Lil Reese, also featuring Lil Zay Osama.

It would seem that Lil Reese is prepping for something this year. Over the past few months, the rapper has dished out a steady flow of new music, which in the industry is a sign that there’s a project on the way.

Today, Lil Reese comes through with his latest offering, “Sacrifices” with a little help from Lil Zay Osama.
The two rappers connect and speak on the time they’ve spent in the streets and the sacrifices they’ve made. The song is credited as Reese’s but Lil Zay Osama holds down the majority of the track.

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