Tory Lanez – Don Queen (Don Q Diss)

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Tory Lanez Don Queen mp3 download. When Don Q released his diss track last week, we all knew it was only a matter of time before Tory Lanez responded in like fashion. And now Tory Lanez has clapped back at Q, with a diss track of his own titled Don Queen.

Download the song below and listen.

DOWNLOAD MP3: Tory Lanez – Don Queen

The wanton disrespect speaks to Tory’s newfound reputation as a battle-hardened warrior. “I show n***as love and hatred n***as wanna throw back,” spits Lanez. “He tempted me but never had this energy for Kodak, you paid Dream Doll for a feature to get the pussy, and somehow you think you’re fucking with me? The first night I seen Dream Doll I fucked her for free.” Not kissing and telling has become a gentleman’s sport, and rap is a realm for scoundrels. Case in point, Tory dedicates an entire segment ridiculing Don Q for having an STD, dusting off the lab-coat as he suggests remedial measures. 

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