What is An Accelerated Degree Program?

These days, employers will rarely consider job applicants who do not have at least a college degree, therefore the demand for college education has increased. However, for many people, the typical four-year path of college presents a few challenges, chief among them being the need to work or take care of family obligations while studying. Good news is that a college can now be completed more quickly than the expected four years. An accelerated college degree program is specifically designed to meet the need of students who work hard towards their goals of getting a college degree in a shorter period of time. Below are some more details on an accelerated college program and the potential benefits.

How to Earn A College Degree in Under Four Years

Before you undertake the journey of earning a college degree in less than four years, there are a few things you should know first.

An accelerated degree is not for everyone. Some people go to college for more than just an education. Instead, they enjoy going out and enjoying the college life experience. However, if you are merely in college to get your degree and that is it, here are some ways you can do so quickly.

  • The most obvious answer to get on track for an accelerated degree is to take extra classes during the normal semesters. The average student typically will take 15-credits per semester. On slower semesters, they may even take 13 but will need to make up for that with 18-credit semesters later on in their college careers. For accelerated degrees, you will need to take 18-credits for your entire time in college because you will need to be making up an entire year’s worth of courses, over the course of three years. By adding three extra credits (typically one class) to your class schedule each semester, you can plan to be on course to earn your degree in under the typical four years.
  • Another option for those looking to earn their degree in a shorter time is taking summer classes. Summer classes are typically reserved for students who are looking to quickly graduate, therefore the courses are much quicker paced and packed into a summer. You can typically earn up to nine credits during a summer, and over the course of a few summers, that can quickly add up to knock off an entire year of your college career.
  • Another thing to consider that may help you earn more credits and graduate more quickly is internship opportunities. If you are an eager individual who is looking to graduate quickly, potential employers will likely think highly of that and put you to work. But since you will be taking 18-credits, it may be hard to juggle a full-time school load and a full-time job. However, if you can earn internship credits during your employment, this will cut down on the need to be at school considerably.

Like I mentioned earlier, accelerated programs aren’t for everyone and it is likely that some people will fail and crumble under the stress that comes with the scheduling. However, if you are looking to quickly go to college and get a degree as fast as possible, it is certainly possible with hard work and effort. It will save you money and get you into the workplace much faster than the typical 4-year plan.

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